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Testimonials. What our Clients and Partners have to say about Select Wellness

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Select Wellness | Clients woolworths

Kevin Figueiredo

GM Group Safety, Health & Wellbeing, Woolworths
Select Wellness is your solution to a sustainable wellbeing program that is customised to your leaders personal needs.
After discovering 75% of our 400 leaders were at or on the brink of burnout, Woolworths engaged Select Wellness to help our leaders assess their wellbeing and provide them with a plan and follow up coaching to support them to thrive and realise their full potential.
I believe the program’s added focus on leading team wellbeing has never been more important in an every changing, fast paced world, accelerated by technology. It’s not the just the right thing to do, but also the key to unlocking the full potential of our team. The best place to start is with the people who lead other leaders!
Select Wellness | optus

Megan Kingham

Health & Wellbeing Manager |Optus

Select Wellness has helped evolve the Optus executive wellbeing program into one of the most successful corporate programs in Australia. They have been a vital part of the transformation of our executive medical program into a broader, holistic model. the feedback from leaders involved has been overwhelmingly positive.
The assessment tools are user-friendly and the coaching, support, and resources have resulted in a boost to executive wellbeing and resilience. I recommend select wellness to any organisation wanting to make a real difference.

Kieren Hutchings

Senior Leader | Microsoft

Making no choice is a choice in itself. For many years I had effectively-being making a choice to continue to ignore the really important things that weren’t right and to focus on the urgent and just get through the week, the quarter the year. All the while the impacts of this approach continued to build up and magnify. The Global Leadership wellbeing survey brought that position into an impactful clarity for me and clarity on the specific things I needed to change.


Whilst that was really useful, it wasn’t the factor that drove a fundamental change in my life. The enabler for the change came from two things:
The passion and genuine care for wellness and people that Camilla gave me as well as the determination to make a change.
The knowledge that Camilla has and the personalised approach she created meant I could start small with practical and impactful changes. The continued engagement with Camilla then created accountability and commitment as well as evolving the approach to build on the changes being made.
The engagement with select wellness and Camilla has made a fundamental shift in my wellness possible. I simply don’t believe this would have happened without Camilla and I continue to benefit every day from this change and will do so for the rest of my life.
A most sincere thanks from me to Camilla and the Select Wellness team.

Jess Bass

Manager | Employee Experience | Cuscal

Cuscal engaged Select Wellness around 18 months ago to work alongside our leadership team, providing executive coaching through the Global
Leadership wellbeing survey program. Feedback has been very positive and we have since extended support to our employees through wellness walk-ins, nutritional awareness sessions and parental based breakfast seminars.


Camilla and Martine are both incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and most importantly realistic about wellbeing and the tools that they recommend. I can also personally say that my own wellbeing is all the better for having met and worked with them both. Through the guidance and recommendation of Select Wellness, we have also worked extensively with several of their partners, including think productive, flo wellbeing and sleepfit to provide a range of programs that support our long-term wellbeing strategy.


Senior Leader | Microsoft Services

Sometimes we can make the simple complex and in doing so lose sight of our true priorities when it comes to living a “well” life. We build this belief that to restore a sense of balance it will just take too much effort and time and so it becomes something for later. This has certainly been the case with me. In working with Camilla she has helped me unpack what’s most important for me.


Providing me with very simple, quick techniques, practices and practical resources, that I have used to work toward restoring and bringing focus and control back into how I manage and think about wellbeing – making moments, creating habits and rituals, and when I have the time or want to take the time I can, spending it reading and learning more about healthy living. Something as simple as diarising or writing down what I do on a weekly/monthly basis to take care of myself was a powerful reinforcement that actually I am in control, wellbeing is part of my life but needs some nurturing. How I priortise it, take care of it now and into the future is different thanks to selects enlightening program.

Giles Keay

Managing Director | Constructive Recruitment

Our people are such an important part of our business, it is imperative that we look after their mental health and wellbeing, Select provides EAP and wellbeing walk ins to ensure we support our people the best we can.

CSR logo Select Wellness Clients

Sjolke Boomsma

Safety Operations Manager | CSR Lightweight Systems

We really love how open you are with our people. You manage to see through all the day to day issues that our people face, then swiftly focus on to the core of a person in such an easy and gentle way. You have the ability to make people feel comfortable talking about themselves, particularly covering off on all of life’s issues, and in particularly mental health, and the triggers that might cause mental health issues.


The Select Wellness service – ‘wellbeing walk-ins’ fits so nicely into our organisation, particularly around the Mental Health program that we are currently developing. The triaging process within the Walk-ins is also a excellent process, not only to listen and consider options for our workers, but to provide referral to GP’s, EAP and other specialist services/organisations is a key attribute.
Select Wellness has been such an outstanding organisation to work with. Both yourself and Martine are easy going and friendly, we have found you both to be resourceful, honest and effective in your field. You also work with some great people and in particular, thank you for bringing Matthew Johnstone to us. Matthew touched the hearts and minds of our people, particularly through his illustrations and parallel thinking anecdotes. Your personal style is pleasant and well received by all the people you have engaged over the past 6 months. Many of our employees continue to talk fondly of you, so it is easy to understand why people feel comfortable opening up to you. Again, thank you for doing what you do, we look forward to utilise your services further in the future.

Nikki Beaumont

CEO, Beaumont People
We’ve been working with Select Wellness for almost two years now, utilising their Employee Assistance Program and Walks in Check ins.  We specifically chose to work with Camilla and Martine because we felt we were really aligned with their business and model, both in terms of a more boutique offering and a more personalised service.


EAP was something new to me, I had never experienced a program like this having not worked in any other business for almost 20 years, so it was all new to me.  This is where Martine and Camilla were so valuable, tailoring the offerings to suit our needs and providing support and guidance from implementation through to regular check ins and catch ups along the way. My biggest concern initially was the cost of such a program, I needn’t have worried, it’s been very affordable for us and absolutely worth it, I wish we had implemented it years ago. I now believe every business should have something in place such as this so I can highly recommend Select Wellness.

We have had wonderful feedback from our team throughout the course of the program, one of my team only last week, specifically came to thank me stating it had “changed her life”.
Select Wellness | Atlassian

Kellie Egan

HR Director | Atlassian

Organisations cannot afford not to involve Select Wellness in their wellbeing programs

James McFarland

Director, Insurance & Corporate Employee Benefits | Stanford Brown

Select Wellness are leaders in workplace wellbeing, their integrated approach to onsite walk in sessions supported by their boutique EAP offering creates meaningful and tangible benefits to employees and takes the stigma and boundaries out of seeking help. As a benefits and wellbeing adviser we not only recommend Select Wellness to our clients, we also use their services to drive wellbeing in our workplace.

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