From mental health frameworks to psychosocial compliance plans & guidelines, Select Advisory deliver solutions to assist your organisation in fostering a safe and mentally healthy workplace and meeting your regulatory and legal obligations.

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The select wellness program checklist.

If your wellbeing program doesn’t check this
list it runs the risk of being one of the 3 out of 4 that cost but don’t deliver.
  • Address the wellbeing challenges unique to your industry and organisation

  • Switch your leaders and influencers on to the importance of managing their Wellbeing

  • Equip leaders with the skills to successfully lead Wellbeing

  • Ensure your culture, work practices and policies are congruent with your Wellbeing Program

  • Encourage self reflection, self responsibility, behavioural change and accountability

  • Communicate Genuine Care with a range of tailored Wellbeing programs that address the individual

  • Measure program outcomes

  • Gather insights to continually improve and adapt to the changing needs and challenges of your people

Our trusted delivery partners are experts in their fields and are recommended on the basis they are a good fit for your budget, people and desired outcomes.

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