The key to a successful wellbeing program can be measured through engagement from the participants as well as the tangible outcomes they get from the program. Our case studies illustrate these measures as well as behavioural change.

Select Wellness Case Studies

Case Study: Sydney Metro

Select Wellness worked with every senior leader at Sydney Metro over 18months.

Westpac | Select

Select Wellness worked with the leadership teams across the property group, procurement, protective services, transformation projects and business controls & monitoring.

Select Wellness and Microsoft

Case Study: Select | Microsoft

Select worked with various Microsoft teams over 12 months across different parts of the business including HR, Services & Sales.

Case Study: Optus | Select

Optus included Select's executive wellbeing program to their executive health checks with Dr Simone Ryan.

Select Wellness and Atlassian

Case Study: GLWS | Atlassian

Following an extremely well-received presentation at the Workforce 2.0 Conference in late 2016, Select Wellness along with their client, Atlassian, have been sharing the results of their highly successful pilot wellbeing program.