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Select Wellness Talks, keynotes and workshops

Vitality + Healthy Habits

I Know what I should be doing, why don’t I do it?

Learn the latest behavioural science tips and tricks to help you achieve sustained lifestyle changes

A Better Me

Learn from experts in the field of wellbeing what key life and work style changes have lead them and their clients to becoming ‘A Better Me’

The Happiness Advantage

Happiness fuels success, use it to your advantage and develop new positive habits at work and in your personal life.

Select Wellness | Ninja

How to be a Productivity Ninja

Tips and Tricks to be more productive at work & life

Select Wellness | Eating well

The Secret to Eating Well + Living Well

How to get more energy from the foods we eat and the way we work and live with The Wellness Coach

Select Wellness | Sleep

The Science behind Better Sleep

Select Wellness | Talks

Wellbeing – What is it and why does it matter?

Relationships, Leaders + Communication

Embedding Wellbeing as a Leadership Capability

A practical framework and tangible steps to shift this from theory to practice

Brave Leaders create Courageous Culture

Busting the Born Brave myth. Bravery is a way of being that we can all learn

Supportive Conversations in Challenging Times

How to communicate with employees or customers in times of conflict and emotional distress

Select Wellness | Working parents

Inside the Tortured Minds of Working Parents

Strategies and resources for every stage of parenting

Mind + Meaning

StressLess and Tough & Up

Learn how to reduce stress and build resilience with Matthew Johnstone

The Secret Ingredient of Successful People

Would you believe it is Self Compassion?

70% of us suffer from Imposter Syndrome

What is it? How does it impact you and your teams? And how do we overcome it?

Select Wellness | healthy mind

Being Mentally Healthy

Looking after our Mental Health like we look after our physical health with Matthew Johnstone

Select Wellness | Keeping Focus

Keeping Focus in a Distracted World

How to be present, mindful and engaged in the face of ever increasing demands and distractions

Select Wellness | M.A.P

Exploring the M.A.P

Discover the power of living with Meaning, Authenticity & Purpose

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