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Select Leaders design programs to equip leaders to sustain peak performance, lead wellbeing and reduce their risk of burnout.

Select Wellness work with your organisation to design and deliver a range of strategic wellbeing services to best empower, engage and energise your employees.

From mental health frameworks to psychosocial compliance plans & guidelines, Select Advisory deliver solutions to assist your organisation in fostering a safe and mentally healthy workplace and meeting your regulatory and legal obligations.

A preventative approach to mental health and general wellbeing that will support your employees in even the most challenging times. Select Support provides boutique EAP services.

‘The business case for genuinely supporting the wellbeing of your people is no longer in question. Our goal is to make sure your program is the one out of every four that delivers’

Our wellbeing programs deliver lasting benefits because they are:





High Impact


Pro Active


Evidence Based

to Work + Home

Change Focussed

to Individuals

‘The future success of your business relies on the capacity of your people to manage their wellbeing in the face of unprecedented work and life challenges’

Our popular ‘Wellbeing Walk Ins’ are the best way
to support + equip your people
to manage their wellbeing.

Select Wellness has helped evolve the Optus Wellbeing Program into one of the most successful corporate programs in Australia

Megan KinghamOptus

Thank you for all that you do. We are nothing without the support systems behind us, and we really appreciate your entire teams expertise

Jennie RogersonGlobal Head of People, Canva

Organisations cannot afford not to involve Select Wellness in their wellbeing programs

Kellie EganHR Director, Atlassian

Cuscal have worked with Select Wellness for over 2 years now, initially alongside our leadership team providing executive coaching through the global leadership wellbeing survey program. We have since extended this program to our heads of departments and all people leaders. We also provide quarterly on site wellbeing walk ins to all employees.

Jen BassManager Employee experience, Cuscal

Every leader should have the opportunity to experience the Select Leadership Wellbeing program, it truly is the best program I have gone through at Microsoft. It was transformative for me and many of my peers.

Kieran HutchingsSenior Leader. Microsoft

The Select Wellness service – ‘wellbeing walk-ins’ fits so nicely into our organisation, particularly around the Mental Health program that we are currently developing. The triaging process within the Walk-ins is also an excellent process, not only to listen and consider options for our workers, but to provide referral to GP’s, EAP and other specialist services/organisations is a key attribute.

Sjolke BoomsmaSafety Operations Manager, Lightweight Systems, CSR

Our people are such an important part of our business, it is imperative that we look after their mental health and wellbeing, Select provides EAP and wellbeing walk ins to ensure we support our people the best we can.

Giles KeayManaging Director, Constructive Recruitment

If you want to help your leaders to thrive and realise their full potential, then Select Wellness is your solution to a sustainable wellbeing program that is customised to the leaders personal needs.

Kevin FigueiredoGM Group Safety, Health & Wellbeing, Woolworths

Select Wellness are leaders in workplace wellbeing, their integrated approach to onsite walk in sessions supported by their boutique EAP offering creates meaningful and tangible benefits to employees and takes the stigma and boundaries out of seeking help. As a benefits and wellbeing adviser we not only recommend Select Wellness to our clients, we also use their services to drive wellbeing in our workplace.

James McFarlandDirector, Insurance & Corporate Employee Benefits | Stanford Brown