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Healthy culture: Behaviours in the workplace can change lives

Ensure you have a healthy culture that influences the success and wellbeing of your team so that they can thrive.

Have you ever worked as part of a team that energised your spirit and inspired your engagement? Reflect for a moment on how working in this culture inspired you to behave. On the flip side, have you ever experienced a workplace culture that drained your spirit and undermined your commitment?  Contemplate what this meant for the level of contribution you chose to make.  How well did you perform and how willing were you to invest your energy and potential in getting the job done?

When people are energised they are more likely to behave in ways that enable success. Energised people are more likely to be focused, driven, determined, and resilient in the way they go about their work. People who are drained of positive energy are more likely to be resistant, pessimistic or guarded. When we lack energy we are all more likely to behave in ways that undermine our own success as well as that of other people around us.

Put simply, people who enjoy working with their colleagues and trust their manager are more likely to be energised and strive to succeed. The impacts of an organisation’s culture however, reach well beyond work performance and business results. By creating a healthy workplace culture every leader has the opportunity to achieve better performance outcomes and positively impact upon the quality of their employees’ lives.

4 ways organisational behavior changes lives:

1. Self respect and confidence

Our sense of personal value is reflected in the depth of self-respect we feel. Having belief in who we are as a person, and what we are able to achieve is essential to anyone’s ability to live a thriving life. The people and circumstances we encounter at work each day have the power to influence what we believe about ourselves, what we envision for the future, and our ability to influence that future.



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