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Our ‘building economically and socially thriving organisations’ infographic has been a runaway hit with those who saw it in our last edition of Wellbeing Insights.

So for this article, I’ll split up the three columns of the graphic and focus on each individually. The columns, you may have realised, represent different aspects of this issue:



Column one – the evidence

The case for psychological and social wellbeing and the growing body of evidence supporting their relevance as both cause and effect of thriving humans and organisations across almost any performance variable – engagement, productivity, culture, ethics, stress levels, complaints.

Column two – the thinking

Our adaptation of the seminal work by Keyes on the complete mental health continuum as we see it applying to the mental health and wellbeing conversations which seem to be alive across almost every organisation today.

Column three – the actions

This is all about the path ahead – a path that’s becoming clearer and more easily navigated the more experience and success stories we clock up between us.

When we reflect on what’s worked in the organisations where GLWS has been successfully deployed, we can see now four distinct stages for executing on helping wellbeing take pride of place as a key factor in the organisation’s priorities.

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