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In the wild, senior elephants work together to create an environment which protects the least experienced, younger members – minimising harm and allowing them to flourish.

In many ways, the task of senior leaders is similar to the adult elephants’ role.

The old idea about workplace wellbeing is that it was antithetical to business success – a fluffy, feelgood gesture made to soften the blow of tighter deadlines and longer hours.

We let our young elephants run free in the wild with little support and hoped they’d survive.

But the tides are changing, and businesses are realising that holistically healthy and well people – especially leaders – are better placed to bring them into the future.

We asked one of our most experienced GLWS practitioners, Martine Beaumont from Select Wellness, to share with us the insights she has gleaned over the past four years of working with senior leaders on building workplace cultures that emphasise proactive and preventative wellbeing practices.

We love Martine’s insights as a psychotherapist, and we love that she’s able to share what she’s learned from doing several hundred wellbeing coaching sessions with senior leaders across Australia, using the GLWS

It’s as close as we can get to bottling her!



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