Select Advisory Tailored Wellbeing Modules

Mix and match from our selection of wellbeing modules to plan your annual wellbeing calendar.

Each module includes an introductory infographic, a speaker, workshop or online digital course, and follow up 4 weekly behavioural change postcards.

On the right is a sample of modules we offer.
Rewire the Brain Module
Setting Boundaries Module
Happiness Advantage Module
Effective Communication Module
Meaning and Purpose
Mental Health Module
Productivity Module
Managing Finances Module
Movement Module
Mindfulness Module
Burnout Prevention Module
Working Module
Work Life Harmony Module
Sleep Module
Self Compassion Module
Relationships Module
Parenting Module
Stress + Resilience Module

Our trusted delivery partners are experts in their fields and are recommended on the basis they are a good fit for your budget, people and desired outcomes.

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