In 2019 the World Health Organisation officially recognised burnout as a global workplace crisis.

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Burnout is now viewed as a medical diagnosis caused by chronic workplace stress and  characterised by exhaustion, low productivity and detachment from work.

67% of employees are at some time feeling burnt out

of HR Managers state that burn out is sabotaging workforce retention

of burnt out employees leave their jobs

The 3 Principles underlying the Select Wellness approach to Burnout Prevention.

The Importance of Self Awareness

Whether you are a leader or a part of a team, burnout prevention and enhancing your wellbeing begins with an honest assessment of your self and how you are operating across all of your wellbeing domains.

Our 3 month programs and Wellbeing Walk Ins  have been designed to specifically switch on and challenge participants to get real and take responsibility for what they need to change both at home and at work.

Behavioural Change

‘I know what I should be doing, why don’t I do it’ is the number one barrier to turning your awareness into a sustained life and work style change.

From the factory floor to executive leadership teams our 3 month programs and Wellbeing Walk Ins use the latest in behavioural change science to ensure every participant receives their own individualised tools, resources and strategies to achieve lasting change and prevent burnout. 

Support your Leaders

Leaders are known to be most at risk of burnout and their workplace behaviours have the greatest impact on the likelihood of their team’s burning out.

Select Leader’s wellbeing services have been designed to address the unique challenges faced by leaders and to reduce the risk of burnout contagion. 

Our trusted delivery partners are experts in their fields and are recommended on the basis they are a good fit for your budget, people and desired outcomes.

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