Our powerful 3 Month Executive Wellbeing program has been designed to support executives to operate sustainably across all aspects of their wellbeing

Select Wellness | 3 month program

Your executive wellbeing coach will work with you one on one over 3 months to identify the lifestyle habits, work practices and thought patterns that most detract from your wellbeing and provide you with the tools, strategies and resources to ensure you achieve real and sustained behavioural change.

Your program includes:
  • An 20 minute online assessment using the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey diagnostic tool.

  • Your individual GLWS Wellbeing Report

  • A one on one 60 – 90 minutes debrief of this report with an executive wellbeing coach.

  • A follow up tailored Behavioural Change Plan

  • 3 months of follow up accountability emails and calls with your coach

Our 3 stage Leaders Wellbeing Program


The Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS) is an assessment to be completed online. Followed up by a one on one 60-90 minute debrief


2-3 Key wellbeing detractors will be selected to work on.
These will be put into a 3 month action plan tailored to your detractors, life & thinking style


Select will follow you up according to your change profile ensuring your action plan leaders to sustained behavioural change

"Organisations can not afford to not include GLWS in their wellbeing program".

Former Atlassian HR Director Kellie Egan

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